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Selling organic local traditional meals and products

We are promoting and selling the result of our post harvest processing project with our local farmers and village women group community.

You can order traditional Gunungkidul meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner to be eaten or taken away at our place. Please send at least your order a day in advance.

We cook fresh fish from our local fishermen, with red rice or tiwul (cassava rice), accompanied with local organic vegetables. We can also provide vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options (tempe, tofu, organic free range eggs etc…).

You can order from us, the following organic  post harvest processing products from our farmers and women village organisation.

1) Local ancient Gunungkidul traditional organic red rice: 20rb per kilo

2) Traditional organic artisan Gunungkidul Mocaf flour (fermented cassava flour). Gluten free. 20rb per packaging 500gr

3) 100% Organic free range Kampung eggs: 3,5rb per egg.

4) Moringa seeds from old strong Gunungkidul village Kelor (moringa village)

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