4. Sustainable eco “fair share” tourism project by visiting Jiwalaut community and our beach Watu Kodok

Our aim with this project is to promote with our experience, a social way of empowering the local communities economy with what we call “eco fair trade or share” tourism.

Traditional mass unsustainable tourism can not last, as the surrounding environment would be quickly damaged and the tourists will move to another area living the environment damaged for ever. The local people will be also left alone without income as many followed the new tourism trend in Gunungkidul and sold their land to make a move from agriculture or construction workers to embrace tourism industry.

Local communities will not get their fair share of revenue with mass tourism industry as it is lead by big tourism industry players and foreign investors. It has to be a win win experience as the local people should earn enough money from sustainable tourism to raise their family.

They offer to visitors their beautiful unique Gunungkidul landscape and like sharing their social activities to the open minded tourists willing to get off the beaten tracks and willing to spend a very little bit extra more money for that. A few thousands rupiah more can be the difference between just surviving and have a decent living. Local communities don’t deserve to be exploited by tourists.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested to get new eco social “fare share” experience within our community, our village and our beach Watu Kodok.

You can stay at our place our at the beach.

Booking through Airbnb:

or directly wa: +62 812 25481293 Mbak Ira