Environmental and Social Activities

From the above endeavors, we hope to be able to independently finance our social responsibilities to our community.

  1. Coastal biological monitoring

So many lives depend on the bounty on beach. Our neighbors have been collecting seaweed for generations. There are fishing beaches, but those who do not have fishing boats fish off the beach.

As inscribed in our name, Soul of the Sea, the health of the ocean is our main priority.

  1. Library

The front building will be used as a library where our neighbors can read and meet. It will be filled with books relevant to our village, children’s books,

  1. Waste Management

Increase tourism = increase waste

A long term goal is to have a waste processing plant that can capture the exhaust and turn it into useful products, such as wood preservers. But such a structure requires a large funding and long term planning. In the meantime, we will continue our previous activities such as:

Waste reduction – minimize use of plastic in our facilities

Waste recycling – sort out waste into inorganic and organic waste.

Waste collection – periodically help our neighbors clean up the beach from waste left by visitors.

We will work closely with Karang Taruna (Village Youth Organization) to do the above activities as well as recruiting them for our business ventures, especially organic farming and marketing.

  1. Community English Classes

As the tourism in the region grows, there is an increase of visits by foreign tourists. According to our neighbors who are involved directly in tourism, the need to understand English is becoming more and more important. We will try to help our friends for this need also.

In addition to the vendors, we hope to reach out to school children with our English classes and put emphasis on environmental awareness. We will share the knowledge of communicating our surrounding in English.

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