3. Woodworking Shop

After working in promoting organic farming, there was an opportunity for me to own and manage a furniture store. I have been in this business for almost a decade now and wanting to share my knowledge with my neighbors.

Gunung Kidul, in general, and Kemadang Village, in particular, are known to produce high quality lumber sustainability from teak (Tectona grandis), accacia (Accacia mangium), mahogany (Swietenia microphylla), etc. These trees are planted on the karst hills that are not used for agriculture and harvested responsibly to provide lumber.

Local people use it for their homes, however sell it raw for other products that can provide additional value to the lumber, such as furniture. There is no significant carpentry industry in the area. Many take up home construction work, but only a handful become fine woodworking carpenters. We hope to improve this situation by providing a work space and product marketing so that our neighbors can optimally benefit from their garden.

Some of my best sellers have been those made from recycled wood and adorned with other materials, such as ceramic. I would like to introduce these models to our friends.

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