1. Post Harvest Processing

I graduated from Brawijaya University with a degree in Teknologi Pertanian (Agriculture Technology). This education gave me some knowledge of post harvest processing.

Most farmers sell their harvest in a raw state, which does not command high value. We will try to improve this agricultural practice by providing the space and market to process these local products to improve farmers' income.

Some examples of the farm products that can be improved post harvest are groundnut (peanut), cassava, corn and moringa. We will mill cassava, ferment it and use the byproduct for cassava flour (mocaf), for example.

Cassava and corn have been consumed as main carbohydrate sources for a long time. But they have been losing ground to rice, especially among the younger generation. We will help promote local consumption of cassava and corn not only to raise their value but also to reduce dependence on rice and increase diversification of food.

We will also explore different avenues to process, peanut, cassava, corn, moringa and other farm products so that they provide the highest gain for the farmers.

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