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At Jiwa Laut (Soul of the Sea), we are a group of people exploring a social entrepreneurship to promote a sustainable development in our village.

Our website are bare currently, but they will grow as we grow.


The following business endeavours:

Post Harvest Processing

I graduated from Brawijaya University with a degree in Teknologi Pertanian (Agriculture Technology). This education gave me some knowledge of post harvest processing.

Most farmers sell their harvest in a raw state, which does not command high value. We will try to improve this agricultural practice by providing the space and market to process these local products to improve farmers' income.

Some examples of the farm products that can be improved post harvest are groundnut (peanut), cassava, and corn. We will extract oil from peanuts and use the byproduct for peanut butter, for example.

Cassava and corn have been consumed as main carbohydrate sources for a long time. But they have been losing ground to rice, especially among the younger generation. We will help promote local consumption of cassava and corn not only to raise their value but also to reduce dependence on rice and increase diversification of food.

We will also explore different avenues to process peanut, cassava, corn and other farm products so that they provide the highest gain for the farmers.

Organic Agriculture

After several years of a corporate life in Indonesia, I needed to find a challenge and found one in the form of organic farming in Cambodia. I worked for several years to encourage Cambodian farmers to practice organic farming and vendors to sell local organic products.

Once we know more about our village, especially the weather cycle, we will venture into organic farming.

Having lived in the area for several years, we notice that the local farming community is aging and many farm fields are left fallow because of lack of manpower. We will approach our neighbors to let us rent their fields and practice organic farming.

In addition to growing the traditional crops, we may add others that are drought resistant like sorghum and millet. These crops had been grown in this area before, but the New Order drive to replace everything with rice won out.

Woodworking Shop

After working in promoting organic farming, there was an opportunity for me to own and manage a furniture store. I have been in this business for almost a decade now and wanting to share my knowledge with my neighbors.

Gunung Kidul, in general, and Kemadang Village, in particular, are known to produce high quality lumber sustainability from teak (Tectona grandis), accacia (Accacia mangium), mahogany (Swietenia microphylla), etc. These trees are planted on the karst hills that are not used for agriculture and harvested responsibly to provide lumber.

Local people use it for their homes, however sell it raw for other products that can provide additional value to the lumber, such as furniture. There is no significant carpentry industry in the area. Many take up home construction work, but only a handful become fine woodworking carpenters. We hope to improve this situation by providing a work space and product marketing so that our neighbors can optimally benefit from their garden.

Some of my best sellers have been those made from recycled wood and adorned with other materials, such as ceramic. I would like to introduce these models to our friends


Environmental and Social Activities

From the above endeavors, we hope to be able to independently finance our social responsibilities to our community.

  1. Coastal biological monitoring
  2. Library
  3. Waste Management
  4. Community English Classes

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Selling organic local traditional meals and products

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Environmental and Social Activities

From the above endeavors, we hope to be able to independently finance our social responsibilities to our community. Coastal biological monitoring So many lives depend on the bounty on beach. Our neighbors have been collecting seaweed for generations. There are fishing beaches, but those who do not have fishing boats fish off the beach. As […]

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